Animal waste reduction pilot underway at meat processing plant

Biotechnical Energy is working with a large meat processing company to help them reduce the costs of dealing with animal waste through on-site waste reduction soltuons…. 

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Using one of our large beD2000 digesters, the company is looking to reduce the substantial six figure sum currently required annually to remove category 2 and category 3 animal waste from the processing plant.

The waste reduction system we are piloting has two core aspects at this stage, with a third for development subject to regulatory approval.

The immediate benefits of animal waste reduction

Benefit 1) Instead of being collected and removed for processing, the category 2 and category 3 waste will be put into a beD200o digester on site and this will result in an animal waste reduction of 67% by weight.

Benefit 2) In addition, once it has been through the beD2000 digester, all the animal waste will be classed as category 3 waste so the average removal cost per kg will be lowered further.

Steps 1) and 2) alone will mean savings of tens of thousands of pounds per annum in waste removal costs and result in a payback period for the animal waste reduction system of around two years.

The opportunity for full on-site waste to energy conversaion

However, there is an additional benefit that we hope will come on stream too, subject to regulatory approval…

Benefit 3) Once we have the process approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency, a third stage is envisaged as follows:

Instead of removing the reduced waste (digestate) as above, it is instead used as an extremely valuable fuel for on-site boilers to create heat and/or cooling energy (see more here on the process involved).

This complete food and animal waste to energy system will enable additional savings of several tens of thousands of pounds per annum to be realised.

We look forward to bringing news of the pilot project results in due course.

If you are involved in food or animal processing our proven on-site technology could save you considerable amounts of money – please do get in touch to learn more…

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