Biotechnical Energy appoints new food waste to energy agents in Middle East

Food waste to energy & cooling solutions for the Middle East

Biotechnical Energy Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of new agents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Oman to help us distribute our food waste to energy systems in the Middle East, a region increasingly looking to boost its use of green energy solutions.

Our unique food waste to energy recycling and food waste reduction technology will enable institutions such as hospitals, hotels and universities to significantly reduce their food waste volume and convert the remains into a highly efficient fuel that can be used to provide cooling or a highly nutritious compost to help turn unproductive desert areas into fertile land.

Food waste to cooling

Food waste converted to cooling energy and air conditioningOne of the main benefits of our systems that make they so useful in climates such as those typical in the Middle East is that they can convert food waste to cooling energy.

The food waste is added to our digesters, such as the new beD200, and within 24 hours the digestate that remains will be able to power air conditioning systems via an absorption chiller.

For more information about the process and how it works see here.

Soil remediation

Food waste to energy & cooling solutions for the Middle EastAnother significant opportunity through our systems is to convert food waste into a nutritious compost than can help the process of soil remediation in the Middle East where unproductive waste and desert areas can be turned into productive fertile land.

Because our technology turns food waste into compost in just 24 hours it is a far quicker and more user-friendly system than any other available alternatives.

Biotechnical Energy’s international sales director Rob Parsons says:

“We are delighted to now have in place the agents and intermediaries to help us take our unique food waste to energy solutions into such an important region.

We have pioneered the use of recycling waste in to cooling energy and because air conditioning and related systems account for such a significant expenditure in many parts of the Middle East we believe the potential for development is considerable.”

If you would like more information about how Biotechnical Energy can provide waste to energy recycling solutions in the Middle East, or if you would like to discuss becoming an agent for us, please contact us.


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