Food waste reduction trial at one of Europe’s largest bakery plants

Biotechnical Energy is conducting a food waste reduction trial at a major commercial bakery plant responsible for producing millions of cakes and other baked goods every year…

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Save money and reduce environmental impact

The trial, through our partners GWT, is using one of our large beD2000 food waste reduction digesters on site to significantly reduce the amount of waste that is currently transported away from the site – one of the largest bakeries in Europe – on a daily basis in order to both save money and reduce the environmental impact of their activities.

A particular issue for the plant is a large amount of waste that currently ends up as a liquid sludge material after being washed down from the production lines. This has to be removed on a daily basis in a large tanker at considerable cost to the bakery owners.

The challenge is how to use the liquid sludge in our digesters as they are normally used to dealing with food waste in its natural state. To overcome this, we are investigating ways of de-watering the sludge before it goes into the digester and the team at our partners GWT are currently working on solutions.

Full food waste to energy system possible

Our goal is to reduce the amount of waste by 75% which will result in a payback period for the investment of around three years even without any use of the resulting digestate as a fuel.

If this element is added – and it is being considered for a later stage – to make a full on-site food waste to energy system the return becomes considerably more attractive again.

If you are involved in food processing our proven on-site technology for food waste reduction or food waste to energy conversion could save you considerable amounts of money – please do get in touch to learn more…

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