Food waste to energy – first 7-tonne-a-day capacity system commissioned

Biotechnical Energy is delighted to announced that after several weeks of hard work from the team, we have now commissioned the first ever on-site food waste to energy system that is capable of a daily capacity of 7 tonnes of food waste.

The system – installed on behalf of a major UK food producer – takes up to seven tonnes of food waste daily and within just 24 hours reduces the volume of this waste by 80%. This means an immediate saving of 80% in waste reduction costs, something that will contribute tens of thousands of pounds a year to the client’s bottom line.

However, that’s just the start – not only does the Biotechnical Energy system reduce the weight and volume of the food waste, it actually converts it to a highly efficient biomass fuel that can be burnt on-site to offset fossil fuel usage and enable considerable further savings.

This new system uses the exact same approach and principles as all our pioneering food waste to energy systems (see diagram below), but the size and scale of the system required to process such large amounts of food waste products on a daily basis created a number of technical challenges. We are delighted to have found solutions to all these and to see the system fully up and running now.


Clive Tayton, Biotechnical Energy’s Technical Director commented:

“This is our biggest food waste to energy system yet and required a number of new technological breakthroughs. We are very excited by the potential this has to help major food manufacturing companies make substantial savings and reduce their carbon footprint.”

We believe there is huge potential for this new kind of high capacity food waste to energy system within the food manufacturing industry. If you would like to learn more and understand how something similar could help your business or organisation, please call us on 01837 214264 or send us an email using this form.

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