If you absolutely cannot avoid creating some food waste, this amazing new technology recycles it into energy

In his new series on BBC One, ‘Hugh’s War on Waste’, TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is campaigning against the amount of food waste that is created in this country.

Here at Biotechnical Energy Ltd we completely support the message behind the programme and welcome the profile this series will give to the issue of food waste in the UK.

However, we also recognise that a certain amount of food waste is inevitable in food production and our focus is on trying to make it much easier and economical to do something useful with it.

Biotechnical Energy do something useful with food waste

Biotechnical Energy Ltd’s revolutionary technology allows organisations that create food waste – whether food production companies, large canteens, or even modest pubs, cafes and restaurants – to save money and rapidly recycle their waste into useful energy – all on-site.

We use a proprietary blend of microbes in our special digesters to transform food waste into a byproduct – the digestate – that can then immediately be used as a highly efficient co-fuel in a boiler to turn it into heat energy, hot water or even, via an absorption chiller, into cooling energy (air conditioning or refrigeration).

Please don’t mistake this for the kind of AD or anaerobic digestion processes you may be familiar with – our approach is aerobic and radically different in two other crucial ways:

  1. The process is extremely rapid with full conversion from food waste into fuel and then energy taking place in under 24 hours (compared with weeks for AD)
  2. The entire process takes place on-site – even for small organisations – so they can easily recycle their food waste into energy with no extra transportation or space issues.

The result is that

  1. The food waste is turned into useful energy, which means fewer resources are wasted
  2. There is no need for food waste removal, which means fewer harmful emissions, and
  3. The organisation is able to save considerable amounts of money.

We have already proven the impact our technology can have in a variety of situations including meat processing plants, processed food factories, large canteens, and pubs/restaurants. Further trials are currently underway in several other settings with results to-date looking extremely promising.

Biotechnical Energy is a wholly British-owned and British-based green energy and clean tech company that is also now taking this revolutionary technology to potential customers around the world.

Learn more about our amazing food waste to energy process and technology.

If you are in a situation where you have no choice but to create some food waste but would like to make it less harmful, please contact us to learn more. We will also quickly be able to give you idea of how much money you could save converting your food waste into energy

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