Our revolutionary new ‘mini’ food waste digester for pubs and restaurants

We have been working hard to find ways of offering food waste reduction solutions to smaller customers – pubs, restaurants and other eateries – and we are delighted to announce the launch of our new beD200 machine.

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Introducing the beD200 to reduce your food waste by 80% overnight

The beD200 is an incredible piece of kit: built, literally, inside a wheelie bin housing, it takes food waste through the day and by the next day will have reduced it to between twenty and thirty percent of its original size.

What’s left – the digestate – can be disposed of for a fraction of the cost of the original load. Remember – there’s no extra work – the food waste is added to the beD200 just like putting it into the bin, but overnight it ends up taking up just 20-30 percent of the original volume.

When your waste disposal contractor comes to collect, your food waste removal bill will have been slashed by up to 80%. This means, if you do the sums (see box below), the beD200 can pay for itself very rapidly and make you a lot of money over time.

How the beD 200 makes you money…

Imagine, as a typical pub/restaurant, you currently create 200kg of food waste a day.

Current food waste: 200kg a day = 1,400kg per week.

Food waste removal costs around £120 per tonne meaning you will be paying about £168/wk or £720 per month currently for food waste removal.

If you fit a beD200 your food waste will be reduced by 80% and your food waste removal costs will be reduced by 80% too.

This means your new monthly food waste removal cost will be just £144 (20% of £720) meaning you will be saving £576 per month.

These machines are designed to run for many years so with our financing plans, you can own a beD200 outright in less than three years for less than this meaning it effectively costs you nothing for three years and after that you stand to make around £576 a month.

Remember – there’s not extra work and no extra space required – you just put the food waste into the beD200 and it takes care of the rest. Interested? Contact us now for more details!

For multisites – full food waste to energy recycling

But there’s more – if you have a chain of pubs or restaurants you have another option: rather than disposing of the digestate from each beD200, you can pool it up and use it as a fantastic FREE energy rich fuel for a boiler system.

This means you are able to undertake full food waste to energy recycling, as offered by our larger systems, but with the fuel coming from a selection of smaller sites, rather than one big one. Obviously in these situations the economics are even more favourable.

We are working on exactly this system for a large chain of restaurants and will share more on this particular case study soon.

Would you like to know more about the amazing new beD200 and how if can help your pub, restaurant or canteen save money on food waste bills? Get in touch now…

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