Successful food waste reduction trial for national pub and restaurant chain

Biotechnical Energy – in association with partners PRM – has recently undertaken successful trials of its revolutionary new “mini” food waste reduction digester at a large national pub and restaurant chain… 

Pub food waste reduction trial | Biotechnical Energy Ltd

The chain owners are extremely keen to look for effective and innovative solutions for better treatment of their waste and, in particular, food waste and wanted to give our new beD200 food waste reduction equipment a thorough on-site test to see if it lived up to the claims we made for it.

The beD200 is perfect for pubs and restaurant because it literally just replaces an existing food waste recycling bin and staff empty food waste into it in exactly the normal way. The difference now is that within 24 hours the original waste will have been reduced to about 20% of its original size.

This means when it is collected for recycling the cost is also reduced by 80%. If you do the sums you will see the system becomes significantly profitable very quickly (especially as food waste costs continue to escalate). It’s also a much better environmental solution because there is far less unnecessary transporting of food waste from site to landfill or treatment plant.

For the trial a complete working beD200 system was installed into a large venue in the Midlands for two weeks and put through its paces by the restaurant’s staff. The installation was also visited and inspected by the head office team and came through with flying colours.

The analysis of the trial also proved the financial viability of the beD200 food waste reduction system and we look forward to announcing a roll out of the programme to a wider range of outlets in the near future.

If you own or run a pub/restaurant (or chain of pubs/restaurants) and would like to save a lot of money on your food waste please get in touch and we’ll tell you how we can help.

If you produce a larger volume of food waste – say food processing, hotel, large canteen etc – then we can also take you to the next step of food waste to energy conversion. This is where our digester will turn your food waste into a highly efficient fuel which you then burn on-site to create heat or cooling energy with even greater financial benefits. See more here.

Would you like to know more about the amazing new beD200 and how it can help your pub, restaurant or canteen save money on food waste bills? Get in touch now…

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Our revolutionary new 'mini' food waste digester for pubs and restaurants
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