Trial commences of in-store food waste to energy systems in major high street food and drink chain

We are currently undertaking a trial of a pioneering use of our food waste to energy systems in-store in a number of outlets for a major national high street food and drink chain.


One of the most important features of our systems is that they take up very little space – indeed they often save space over the alternative of having several food waste collection bins. This means they have very significant potential even in situations where every square foot of space is at a premium.

Food and drink outlets cannot afford to waste space, but they do currently waste a lot of money paying for food waste removal.

The trial we are currently undertaking will mean that everyday waste will be processed on-site into a highly efficient biomass bi-product that takes up a small fraction of the original size in the form of pellets. 

These pellets are then collected centrally and used as a highly efficient fuel that is burnt in the place of fossil fuel alternatives to create heat or cooling energy.

The net result is that the food chain saves on both food waste removal costs and energy costs while reducing carbon emissions. All this is done without any loss of valuable space in store. We think this is a fantastic win-win on all levels and look forward to revealing more details as the trial develops.

If you are responsible for a chain of food and drink outlets and would like to learn more and understand how our food waste to energy systems could help your business or organisation, please call us on 01837 214264 or send us an email using this form.

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