Video: Our food waste reduction system for pubs and restaurants

Food waste is becoming a real issue for pubs and restaurants as the costs of removal keep getting higher and higher (not to mention the ever-growing space needed for the smelly bins)…

That’s where this amazing new bit of equipment can help. It’s called the beD200 from Biotechnical Energy Ltd and, in a nutshell, it replaces one of your food waste wheelie bins and reduces all your food waste to a substance just 20-25% the original size and weight (and it does this in an amazing 24 hours).

This means your team just put the separated food waste into the beD200 instead of a normal food waste bin and it does the rest. By the next day your food waste is only a quarter of its original size and that means your waste removal costs are reduced by 75-80%.

What’s more, if you needed four food waste bins before, you’ll probably only need two now so you save valuable outdoor space too.

There’s no extra work involved, no hidden costs and no difficult maintenance required.

The beD200 machines are built to run for years and years so the potential return on investment is significant.

Here’s a quick example of how the numbers work:

Imagine a typical pub or restaurant that creates 200kg of food waste per day (or 1,400kg per week).

Food waste removal costs around £120 per tonne mean you will be paying about £168/wk or £720 per month for food waste removal.

With a beD200, your food waste will be reduced by up to 80% and so your food waste removal costs will be reduced by 80% too. That means your new monthly food waste removal costs will be just £144 (20% of £720). This means an amazing saving of £576 per month.


We now have the ability to lease a beD200 for just £300 per month meaning that you can cover the full lease costs and still be considerably in profit from day one!

Sound too good to be true? It’s not and to prove it we are offering free trials (subject to machine availability and circumstances) – just give us a call on 01837 214264 or contact us using this form

Demonstrating the beD200 food waste reduction system at the Health+Care Show 2015
Food waste reduction trial at one of Europe's largest bakery plants
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