About organic and food waste to energy conversion and reduction

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Biotechnical Energy is addressing the problem of organic and food waste for customers…

Whether restaurants, hotels, pub chains, catering organisations, schools or any other establishment creating one tonne or more of organic food waste per month, we can radically reduce the removal costs and, where appropriate, create food waste to energy conversion that provides free heat and/or cooling – all on site and hassle free!

The growing food waste problem

The costs of food waste are increasing and it is becoming a big issue in the media, both from an economic and an environmental problem.

For example, a typical 1100L bin of mixed organic materials will typical cost £85/100 to deal with every time it is emptied and taken away – we help eliminate most or all of these costs.

We achieve this by providing solutions that reduce the costs involved and in many cases turn the food and other organic waste into highly valuable fuel to use in heating and cooling systems – all on-site!

Some key Biotechnical Energy facts:

  • Waste is fully reduced or turned into fuel in under 24 hours
  • The whole process is extremely user friendly
  • It all happens on site with no disruption to your business
  • We use proprietary blends of special bacteria to undertake the conversion
  • The system is extremely environmentally friendly
  • The process is very cost effective with rapid payback

Tailored solutions

Our solutions are individually tailored to each client and, depending on the circumstances, may focus on either optimising the reduction of the volume of food waste (and hence the removal costs) or optimising the conversion of the food waste into energy-rich fuel.

Food waste reduction

For example, at a site that does not want to use the food waste as fuel but instead minimise the volume of waste that needs to be removed, we will set our equipment to typically reduce food and other organic waste to 20% of its original volume.

This means that instead of needing to pay for 10 bins a week to be removed, you will only need to pay for 2. At a typical cost of £100 per bin, this will save £800 a week in waste removal costs.

Food waste to energy conversion

At a site that wants to convert the food waste into fuel to burn on-site as a biomass supplement we will set the equipment differently and optimize the ‘burnability’ of the substance. In this case, the waste is typically reduced to 30% of its original volume and then becomes a highly calorific fuel to power a boiler providing hot water, heating or, through an absorption chiller, cooling.

In this case, our food waste to energy systems can save you money in three different ways:

  • First, the elimination of food waste removal costs
  • Second, the creation of a supply of ‘free’ biomass fuel
  • Third, eligibility for government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)*

If you create more than 1 tonne of food waste per week and would like to turn that into a source of income (or at the very least reduce your costs) please contact us to learn more

*subject to eligibility